'Eclipse' award for winning DIT student

Dublin, 25 June: 

Peter Cahill of DIT was one of seven final year Computer Science students who were recently awarded with IBM ThinkPad laptops as a result of winning IBM Dublin Software Lab's Eclipse - Open Source Software Innovation Competition. At the award presentation, director of the Software Lab (DSL) Bill Kearney spoke about the importance of open source computing and why IBM is involved with Eclipse. "The chief aim of the Eclipse community is to promote open source computing by providing software code as a public collaboration and make freely available the source code for use or modification as users or developers see fit."

During the presentation I.T. architects from DSL, who worked with the students throughout the year, also spoke about how Eclipse is used by software researchers and developers in the Lab. Since the innovation competition was announced in September last year, the DSL team has worked with the students offering support and advice on their projects. They were also involved in the final evaluation of the projects.

" In addition to being more aware of the range and scope of Eclipse it was a great opportunity for the college academics and students to network with IBM on further collaborative work" said James Flynn, IBM University Relations Manager.

Winning Student Presentations

At the presentation each of the winning students also a gave a short presentation on how they used Eclipse to develop their projects:

Peter Cahill, Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT) researched, designed and developed a speech synthesizer to read any text aloud from portable devices such as PDAs

Julian Keenaghan, University College Dublin (UCD) - developed a chess database query system

Donagh Roche and Jonathan Rose, University College Cork (UCC) developed a framework to enable the college's information to be  disseminated and consolidated across a network

John McKeogh, University Limerick (UL) - monitored how a software developer worked with a number of software development tools

Cillian Sharkey and Trevor Johnston, Dublin City University (DCU) - developed a Networked System Administration system for easy deployment and maintenance of advanced networks in schools with few resources.

During his presentation of is project, Peter Cahill of DIT said "Development of any software project of this size requires flexible and powerful integrated development environments.The flexibility of Eclipse was amazing and this project would not have been possible within the given timeframe without Eclipse. I have always spoken very highly of IBM for their technological and software developments over the past years, and to hear staff in IBM praise my year's work is an achievement I hold to the highest degree."

Eclipse is an open source software development community, launched in 2001 by IBM and several partners, including Borland, Rational Software, Red Hat and SuSE, since then the group has more than tripled in size.

 *eclipse.org is an open consortium of software development tool vendors that has formed a community interested in collaborating to create better development environments and product integration. The community shares an interest in creating products that are inter-operable in an easy to use way based upon plug-in technology. By collaborating and sharing core integration technology, Eclipse Platform-compatible tool vendors can concentrate on their areas of expertise and the creation of new development technology.

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