Mediaworks2004 - DIT graduate showcase

02 June 2004:

School of Media Graduate Show:BA Media Arts and BA Photography

Mediaworks2004, featuring the graduate work of students of Media Arts and Photography in DIT, will be launched at 6.30pm on Thursday 10 June, by Professor Brian Norton, President of DIT, and will be on view to the public on campus in DIT Aungier Street until June 18.  The exhibition will be launched by DIT President, Professor Brian Norton at an event organised by the students and staff of the Department of Media Technologies in the School of Media.

'Still from "Tina", a documentary directed and produced by Paula Rouse, BA Media Arts'

The students exhibiting are graduating from the BA programme in Media Arts and the BA programme in Photography.  Describing the diversity of Mediaworks2004, Dr. Aine O'Brien, Head of the Department of Media Technologies, said "A rich body of work will be exhibited, covering a variety of genres and formats from documentary photography, experimental video and multimedia installation to radio, moving image drama and documentary."

Dr. O'Brien explained that the theme for this interdisciplinary exhibition is 'Storytelling', which is described by Dr Muiris Mac Conghail, Lecturer in Media Policy, as "The construction of the story and the manipulation of the various characters by the storyteller bring us to a vantage point that reveals the contours of a range of conclusions. We carry these with us in little memory satchels. We dip into these frequently when in real life situations and more often than not we draw from those satchels when in the cinema, the theatre, the art gallery, when reading books or watching television. Radio is another thing altogether for that medium is such a demanding one that requires of us, as a unique audience, to draw our own pictures and conjure up images from word and from sound clues." (from Tales by Muiris MacConghail). 

Photograph from 'Transitions' series by Liam Devlin, BA Photography

Issuing an invititation to members of the public to view the exhibition, Dr. O'Brien said "Please join us for what promises to be an exciting showcase and celebration of new and emerging talent!" 

The exhibition takes place in the Concourse on the ground floor of DIT Aungier Street and will be open daily from June 11 - 18, from 10 am to 5 pm (closed Sunday 13).

Mediaworks2004 will run from 11th - 18th June from 10- 5:00 p.m. and is open to the public.. 

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