New DITSU President takes up office

The new President of DIT Students' Union, Jarlath Molloy took over from outgoing President Hugh O'Reilly on 01 July and is now in place in the union's head office at DIT Rathmines Road.  Jarlath, who graduates this year with a BSc in Physics and Physics Technology from DIT's Faculty of Science, has been a student at DIT for five years.  During that time he has come to know the Institute and its structures well and has been active as a class representative and member of the Students' Union Governing Council for a number of years.  


When asked for his views about DIT, Jarlath was forthright about the good and the bad:  "DIT is a great college to go to. I have met people and made friends I would never have, had I gone elsewhere. There is a nice atmosphere around the colleges, people are friendly (everyone will hold the door open for the next person!) and of course 'the city is our campus'!.  There are difficulties and some major issues which are of concern though; facilities being the most obvious.  Looking to the future, he said 'The Grangegorman Campus development is the light at the end of our tunnel.  The idea is to centralise the college and locate the services and facilities we need in one location.'

As President, Jarlath will be one of two student members of DIT's Governing Body as well as participating in a number of other academic and service-related committees.  He is supported by two elected vice-presidents, Sharon Hughes and Alan Mac Stiofáin.

Professor Brian Norton, President of DIT, welcomed the new officers and said he looked forward to working with them over the coming year.  He also paid tribute to the outgoing officers, particularly Hugh O'Reilly who as two-term President oversaw an in-depth review of all aspects of the DIT students' union, putting it on a very professional footing for the future.  Professor Norton said 'Hugh and his fellow officers made an enormous contribution to DIT.  By working in partnership with the Institute they challenged us to deliver the best possible results for students.  I look forward now to working with Jarlath and his colleagues and in particular I will value their input into the development of our new campus at Grangegorman.'

Jarlath Molloy - Perspectives on DIT

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