The Learning Continuum - 2004

Dublin, 17 June 2004:  The Learning Continuum is a half-day conference aimed at Human Resources practitioners, and is hosted each year by DIT's Corporate Training Unit as part of the Institute's programme of services to industry. This year's theme - "Higher Education at Work" - was of particular interest to managers aiming to integrate learning opportunities in the workplace with higher educational continuing professional development initiatives.

According to Sandra Fisher, Head of  the CTU unit, this year's conference aimed to look at areas where industry and higher education interact in order to bring learning closer to meeting the needs of students and their workplaces. "Higher education and work are generally experienced as two separate events" Fisher said. "Due to competitive pressures and changes in lifestyle, industry and employees now require more innovative approaches to higher education. The speakers and participants in this year's conference focussed on how to achieve a more seamless fit between work and learning."

This year's keynote speaker was Mr. Vince Mills, who is based in Glasgow Caledonian University and heads up a team charged with supporting the growth of work based learning through the Scottish Centre for Work Based Learning.  Other speakers included Ms Margaret Whelan, Head of Industry Development, DIT; Ms Liz Carroll of  the National Institute for Transport and Logistics (NITL), Dr. Tom Duff, Academic Registrar, DIT; and Ms Anne Murphy, Learning and Development Officer in DIT's Learning and Teaching Centre.

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