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Professor John Ringwood to deliver public lecture(IEE Public Lectures)

The Irish Branch of the Institution of Electrical Engineers invites you to a public lecture on:

'Biomedical Engineering in Action' by Professor John RingwoodLecture Theatre 5, John Hume Building, NUI MaynoothThursday  27 January 2005Time - 6.15 pm - tea and coffee at 5.30 pm

Biomedical Engineering is one of the fastest growing areas of research and development in industrialised nations and is playing a leading role in the preparation and fitness of Olympic and sports athletes as well as the general health of the public. 

This seminar looks at some inter-disciplinary activity between physiology and dynamical systems engineering. In particular, two problems in physiology are addressed:

  • The non-invasive determination of anaerobic threshold in athletes, and
  • The investigation of low frequency (about 0.1 Hz) oscillations in blood pressure

The seminar will also show how modelling and control sciences can be applied to assist in gaining insight into possible solutions/explanations in relation to these example problems and how there can be considerable benefit in applying even simple dynamical systems concepts. In particular, dynamical systems tools including the describing function (and a variant) and artificial neural networks are employed in the course of the seminar.

John Ringwood is Professor and Head of the Dept. of Electronic Engineering at NUI Maynooth and Dean of the Faculty of Engineering. His current research interests include biomedical engineering, electrical load forecasting, process control for the food industry and wave energy technology.

Please contact David Kennedy, DIT at 4023846 for further details.

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