1.    "My points are incorrect"                             

 Are you counting more than six subjects? Foundation Level Irish and Maths are not generally awarded points. You should count the best six subjects from a single sitting of the Leaving Certificate examination. If you have more than one sitting (i.e. if you repeated), then the examination which produced the highest score will be used. Click here to see the Points System.

2.    "Why am I ineligible?"                                   

Usually because of special subject requirements or number of passes e.g. 3 Higher C3 grades. Consult DIT Prospectus or website

3.    "How do I apply for deferral?"                         

Please click here to see information on deferrals

4.    "Will I disqualify myself from other offers if I accept / refuse this one?"

No, not at all. See CAO Handbook or website.

5.    "I do not want the course I have been offered. Can I get a place in another course which is lower in my order of preference then the one offered, or in a course for which I have not applied at all?"  

Only if vacancies are advertised in those courses on the CAO website,

6.    "Have my FETAC Results been taken into account?"   

If you have a full award since 2000 it will have been taken into account. A record of achievement is not sufficient. Click here for FETAC information.

7.    "I do not wish to accept the offer which I have been made."

Thank you. You need take no further action. Your name will remain on the waiting list for any course(s) higher in your order of preference than the one not required.

8.    "What are my chances of a further offer?"    

This is impossible to predict. You should consider the current offer as the last one which you will receive.

9.    "How do I get a Leaving Certificate grade rechecked?"     

Consult your school principal.

10.    "What happens if a Leaving Certificate result is upgraded on appeal?"

CAO would be notified automatically by the State Examinations Commission and you would be contacted about any new entitlement to a course. In DIT we always try to accommodate such applicants.

11.    Will DIT issue any further offers at this stage in September?               

Normally no. If any vacancies exist we would issue a small number of offers. At this point, however, most courses in DIT are full. Our new Prospectus for entry in 2006 will be available in two weeks and our Open Day will be held on Saturday 10 December 2005 in DIT Aungier Street.

12.    "Do I have to pay a fee when returning my acceptance to CAO?"

No payment is required when returning the acceptance for a place.

13.    "Can you give me information about grants?"     

DIT does not deal with grants/scholarships. Contact your local Council or VEC for information.

14.    "Can you tell me about accommodation?"        

At this time DIT does not have on-campus accommodation available. Contact the Accommodation Office for information on any available accommodation in Dublin.  

15.    "Can you tell me about course content?"   

Log on to our website, for information.  

16.    "I have received two offers, one for an Ordinary Degree and one for and Honours Degree. Can I accept both?"          

No, you may only accept one offer.

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