DIT chosen by 23 thousand CAO Applicants

  • First preferences at Level 8 show DIT in top quartile
  • First preferences at Level 6 / 7 show DIT in poll position

Dublin, 16 March, 2005      Figures released to Universities and Institutes of Technology reveal that almost 40% of all applicants have chosen one or more DIT programmes in their CAO applications this year.  First preference options for Level 8 (Honours Degrees) show DIT once again in the top quartile, with the three largest universities in the country.  The total first preferences for Honours Degrees at DIT is 5262, which represents a small increase compared to the same programmes last year.  More than 33% of all students expressed a preference for one or more of DIT?s Honours Degree programmes. 

At Level 6/7 (Ordinary Degrees/Certificates) DIT is topping the poll with 22% (9,353) of all first preferences, and 38% of all applicants expressed a preference for one or more Level 6/7 DIT Programmes.  This represents a very significant increase for DIT on last year. 

When filling in their CAO Application, students can choose options on both Level 8 and Level 6/7 and therefore there is a significant overlap between figures.  According to Mr. Vincent O?Hora, Admissions Officer, DIT; ??This is in itself very positive for the Institute.  Students are making two choices at this stage ? what to study and where to study.  Choosing DIT as Number 1 in both lists shows that students are very clear that they want to come to DIT!?

This year, according to O?Hora, there is a number of areas where there has been an exciting reversal of recent trends ? particularly in the popularity of DIT's  science and technology programmes where numbers are significantly up on last year.  This is very satisfying and follows a lot of direct interaction between faculty members, guidance counsellors and students themselves.

Welcoming these initial figures, Professor Brian Norton, President of DIT said:

?There is always huge anticipation surrounding these initial first preferences and we are very pleased with the numbers for DIT so far.  Students now have time to concentrate on their studies for the Leaving Cert, and also to think further about their choices.  Based on the research carried out by our Retention Office here in DIT, it is clear that the more a student knows about the programme of their choice, the more likely they are to succeed in their studies and to see it through to qualification.  We would encourage students who have expressed a preference for DIT programmes to visit us over the coming months or to contact the relevant school or department to find out more about it.  In fact, even if they haven?t chosen DIT at this stage, they are still very welcome to contact us!?


Level 8, Honours Degrees:

  •   First preferences -10%

(down 18% on last year, but not directly comparable as 20 Ordinary Degree Programmes were in this list last year and have now been moved to Level 6/7 list)

  •   33%  of all Applicants choose one or more DIT Programmes

Level 6/7, Ordinary Degrees/Certificates:

  •   First preferences -22%

(up 76% on last year.  Although not directly comparable as 20 Ordinary Degree Programmes now included, it still represents a net increase of approx. 3000)

  •   38% of all Applicants choose one or more DIT Programmes

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