The DIT FASHION SHOW is back! On November 23rd, the bevy of DIT beauties will be catwalking for charity in Vicar Street, for the second time in 2005.  The show will be a tribute to the amazing tradition that is Burlesque.

Burlesque exists to spoof and titillate, and everyone in Vicar Street on November 23rd is in for a huge treat.  That's a promise.  The collections that will enthral you are a tantalising mix of high street sexy, student designer fantastic, and Irish designer amazing. This is fashion escapism at its purest.  Most people think that "burlesque" means female strippers walking a runway to a bump and grind beat. But that only fits the form in its declining years. At its best, burlesque was a rich source of music and comedy that kept America, audiences laughing from 1840 through the 1960s.

The show has taken 6 months to come together, and is the third DIT Fashion Show in two years.  The last show in February, entitled Carnival, was voted Best Student Event nationwide at the National College Society Awards. 

Vicar Street will be transformed into a stunningly sexy burlesque house.  From the fabulously provocative usherettes that will greet you when you arrive, to the bulging goody bags (1 for everyone in the audience, naturally), to the actual show, you won't be disappointed. 

Everyone's tastes will be catered for at the DIT Burlesque Fashion Show, from the beautiful and possibly scantily clad ladies, to the most handsome and charming of men, to the amazing dancers. 

Tickets are in the SU shops now, at a special price of €15.  They are also available online at Vicar Street, for €25. 

Burlesque queen Gypsy Rose Lee once said of her act : 'I wasn't naked, I was covered by a blue spotlight'.  Expect a lot of 'blue spotlights' in Vicar Street on November 23rd!

For any queries contact Louise on 085 7 353 353, or at conlon.lou@gmail.com

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