DIT Societies Awards 2004/2005

This year's awards took place on Thursday 7th of April in Break For the Border in the Grafton Capital Hotel.

DIT Societies Organiser Anita Conway , opened the evening with a welcoming speech before the Head of the DIT Cultural & Social Committee, Mr. Paul O'Sullivan, addressed the attending staff and students.

Karl Spain, an up an coming Irish Comedian, hosted the awards this year and kept the 300 plus audience entertained throughout.

This event was organised for two reasons, firstly as a thank you for the work the different society committees have done, but also to acknowledge those who have gone above and beyond to make our societies what they are!  Whether it was an event, an individual, photo, poster or a society as a whole, the nominees were those who went that bit further to make societies GREAT!!!

For this we thank you, it makes our job so much more satisfying and enjoyable when we see our societies thriving.  This year again saw over 80 societies in the DIT!!! College is not only about the academic, it is also about increasing social and personal development!  With societies ranging from course related to recreational activities, students have such a varied range that you are guaranteed that there is something there for everyone!

Thus fourteen awards were presented:

Best Society Aungier Street - ArtiChoke

Best Society Bolton Street - Paintball

Best Society Cathal Brugha Street - Drama Soc

Best Society Kevin Street - NetSoc

Best Society MountJoy Square - Drama Soc

Most Improved Society - Law (Aungier St)

Best Fresher - Peter Monaghan (Paintball Aungier St)

Best Individual - Jamie O'Leary (NetSoc)

Best Event  - DIT Fashion Show

Best Website  - PR Soc


Special Achievement Awards - Will Kinesella (Dj Soc), Conor Mulhern, Brian Whitney and Deirdre MaGuire, all from DIT Drama Soc

Best New Society - Paintball (Bolton St)

Best Poster - DIT Fashion Soc

The winners of the Best Overall Society, Most Improved Society, Best New Society, Best Website, Best Poster, Best Fresher and Best Individual all represented DIT at the National Society Awards (organised by BICS (Board of Irish College Societies)), which was held in DCU this year.  DIT won two prestigious awards on the night both presented to the DIT Fashion Soc. The awards received were Best Poster and Best Event!!! 

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