DIT lecturer in Fine Art, Brian Fay, and Donal Siggins, musician and composer, have collaborated to develop enCODEd, "an interdisciplinary collaborative study in form-generating processes within drawing and sound media."  The show opens in the Project Arts Centre on Monday 21 February and runs until Saturay 26 February.  The following is an extract from the programme:

"Using morse code - which was originally developed as a visual system in 1844 by the painter Samuel F.B. Morse and officially declared a dead language in 1999 - monochromic drawings and a computer generated score present tiny fragments of material which undergo a process of mass iteration in order to create large-scale self-replicating visual and musical structures. A further spatial dimension is employed where individual sounds can move independently of one another within a space created by 8 loudspeakers.

Through parallel working processes, the piece attempts to explore fluctuating relationships between the visual and aural, the use of new and old technologies, indeterminacy and order in form and the function and status of drawing as a language of communication."

The exhibition was initiated by a call for collaborative projects in 2002 by Context Galleries, Derry and the Contemporary Music Centre, Ireland.  It will be on view as follows:

  • Project Arts Centre, Dublin - 21 to 26 February 2005
  • West Cork Arts Centre - 18 June to 17 July 2005

About the artists:

Donal Siggins was born in Dublin and is a musician and composer. He studied music at UCC and music and media technologies at TCD. His work in digital music has seen a particular interest in algorithmic and real-time computer composition. The present work represents his first exploration into the use of multichannel sound spatialisation.

Brian Fay is an artist and lecturer in fine art at the Dublin Institute of Technology. To date Fay has worked in a variety of disciplines including drawing, installation and digital video. His work has recently been included in COE 2004 (Claremorris Open Exhibition); Perspective, Ormeau Baths Gallery, Belfast (2003); Haunted, Civil Arts Inquiry, City Arts Centre, Dublin (2003); US Live, Guinness Storehouse, Dublin (2003); 6x6 for Ireland, 411 Gallery and Eastlink Gallery, China (2003). He is currently exhibiting in the Drawing the Line exhibition at The Orleans House Gallery in London.

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