Make an informed career choice

DIT has provided education up to the highest level for over 100 years and offers an extensive range of training and undergraduate programmes at apprenticeship, Higher Certificate, ordinary Degree, and Honours Degree levels, as well as Postgraduate programmes at Postgraduate Diploma, Masters and Doctoral level. DIT is authorised to award its own degrees. 10,000 full-time third-level students are enrolled pursuing 80 programmes. 10,000 additional students pursuing postgraduate, part-time and apprenticeship programmes.

Careers World is Ireland's premier careers development website providing the tools and support you need to develop a successful career- including programme information, employee profiles and job opportunities

To help you make the right career and course decisions DIT and Careers World have linked up to provide you with the opportunity to explore your career interests while at the same time presenting you with a range of programmes that may fit your interests or profile arising from the questionnaires and development tools provided.

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Remember for a great experience in College the most important thing you can do now is to find out what your interests are and link those interests to the courses that are available.

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