DIT's Open Day attracts thousands of prospective students

Dublin 10 December: The DIT annual Open Day took place on Saturday from 9.30 and 4pm and some three thousand prospective students visited the exhibition area in the Aungier Street campus to find out more about the programmes they intend to opt for when they complete their CAO application by February 01.

Organised by the DIT Admissions team, the event is a great opportunity for the staff of the Institute to talk directly to students who are trying to make a difficult decision.  According to Frank Costello, DIT's Retention Officer, "The research we have done shows clearly that those who find they have made the wrong choice or who drop out of college are those who didn't really know what was involved in the course before they enrolled.  Our advice to CAO applicants is to look for as much information as possible about the course they opt for - go to Open Days, phone the staff in the relevant faculty or department, and get information online."

Current students play an important part of the DIT Open Day.  Wearing t-shirts emblazoned with the statement 'I am a DIT Student' they were in great demand for their advice and they willingly shared their experiences of college life and the courses they chose. 

Throughout the day the Exhibition area was bustling with the air of a Christmas fair.  Each faculty had set out their stall with an array of exciting exhibits, including the engineers' scene-stealing Formula One racing car, the culinary artists with their bread and non-alcoholic cocktails, the architects' model of the new Grangegorman campus, the musicians playing and the printers printing!  The visiting students and their parents ranged from the open-minded browsers who were interested in everything to the very focussed who wanted to go directly to the Business stand or to the Faculty of Science - and particularly those who wanted specific information on courses in accounting, dietetics and forensic science.

The Faculty of Engineering also used the opportunity to launch and demonstrate their new information website -  engzone.dit.ie . An invaluable source of information about engineering,  the site also offers prospective students the opportunity to ask any questions they may have about different aspects of engineering online.

Some lucky students who entered the free draw when they arrived at the Open Day, left the building armed with new mobile phones (second and third prizes) and a digital camera (first prize)!

CAO applications must be submitted by February 01 2006.  Between now and then, prospective students are encouraged to contact any department or faculty if they would like further information on their course choices.

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