President of Institution of Electrical Engineers visits Dublin

Professor John O'Reilly presented his President's Address, "Set the Agenda for the knowledge economy" in Dublin during February 2005.

The paper focused on advances in science, engineering and technology (SET) and the skilled people required to succeed in the knowledge economy.

"Governments around the world are seeking to measure up to the challenge of increasing national investment in research and innovation, exemplified in the UK by publication in July 2004 of a 10 year science and innovation investment framework which signals very clear commitment to developing the knowledge economy"

His paper discussed the implications for three-way collaboration between academia, companies and research funding agencies. The role of research in the knowledge economy as "interdisciplinary", the pace of change and how we need to educate, train and support for continuing developments and expanding networks were outlined.

IEE President meets IEE Irish Branch Members : Kevin O'Riordan  Motorola, Seamus Doyle Irish Lights, Prof. Mark O' Malley UCD, Chris McLoughlin ESB, Caragh Flannery ESAT, Prof. John O'Reilly President IEE, and Dr. David Kennedy, Chairman IEE Irish Branch. 

Professor John O'Reilly, IEE President in Dublin and in action discussing the integration of Science, Engineering and Technology (SET).

"the connectedness means that we need all areas of science to be appropriately strong, with the whole so much more than simply the sum of the parts"

Professor O'Reilly gave a particular good example of integration by giving an example of communications and connectedness by referring to optical fibre technology.

Information is conveyed via sequences of very short pulses of light travelling in very low glass fibres of diameter finer than human hair. These advances derive from a wide range of disciplines and interdisciplinary interactions: chemistry, physics, materials science, communication theory, optoelectronics, microelectronics, mechanical engineering etc. with more recent contributions such as nanotechnology affording yet further advances. And the technology has developed and contributed outwards into other domains too, such as medicine, metrology and sensor systems.  

Dr. Mike Murphy, Director and Dean Faculty of Engineering DIT, Professor John O'Reilly President IEE and Professor Brian Norton President DIT discussing engineering topics at the address.

Dr William C. Harris Director General Science Foundation Ireland proposed a vote of thanks to the IEE President on completion of his presentation.

Full details of the presidential address can be viewed from the IEE website.

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