Renishaw  equips metrology lab for DIT engineering students

15 April 2005:   Ms Mary Hanafin, Minister for Education and Science, visited Bolton Street on Friday afternoon to officially open a newly-equipped metrology laboratory which has been made possible by a generous donation from  Renishaw Plc, world leaders in metrology and manufacturing processes.  The laboratory, which will be used by students studying Manufacturing Engineering and Product Design in DIT's Faculty of Engineering, will be known as the Renishaw Metrology Centre and includes a range of state-of-the-art instruments such as touch-trigger and scanning probes for a Co-Ordinate Measuring Machine, a Laser Calibration Machine and Machine Alignment instruments.


Sir David McMurtry, Chair and CEO of Renishaw plc, demonstrating instruments in the Renishaw Metrology Centre  to Minister for Education and Science, Ms  Mary Hanafin, TD and  Professor Brian Norton, President of DIT

Addressing the assembled guests in Bolton Street, Minister Hanafin acknowledged the very generous donation from the Renishaw Group, and thanked Sir David McMurtry, Chairman and CEO of Renishaw plc.   She also complimented DIT on its record of constantly responding to the changing needs of society and not allowing itself to be cut off from the real world.    The Minister said "I am looking forward to working with all the interested parties on the project that will ultimately bring the DIT's full range of disciplines together on the 65 acre site at Grangegorman.     The collaboration that we are witnessing today between DIT and the Renishaw Group, who are both at the forefront of technology, is of great benefit to its students and Ireland as a whole.  It is of vital importance that we mould and educate our young people by providing learning centers of excellence with up-to-date facilities." 


Minister Hanafin is met at DIT Bolton Street by Professor Brian Norton, Sir David McMurtry, Mr. John Lawlor and (shaking hands) Dr. Mike Murphy, Director and Dean of Faculty of Engineering

Sir David McMurtry, Chair and CEO of Renishaw plc at DIT Bolton Street

Sir David McMurtry also attended the event, with a number of his colleagues from Renishaw headquarters in Britain and from his manufacturing company based here in Swords.  Sir David, who was born in Dublin in 1940, started his career as an apprentice machinist and fitter in Bristol Aero Engines and worked his way up through the ranks as a design engineer.  In 1976 he started Renishaw with a partner, and together they have built a billion-pound company with subsidiaries around the world.  Replying to the Minister, Sir David agreed with her views on the excellence of DIT students and apologized to her for having lured a number of graduates away from Ireland to work with his company.  Speaking about his own career and the importance of innovation, he said he felt the time was now right for indigenous innovation in Ireland and he looked forward to seeing new business ideas coming forward in the near future.  He also looked forward to further cooperation between DIT and Renishaw.

Mr. John Lawlor, Head of the School of Manufacturing Engineering, DIT

John Lawlor, Head of the School of Manufacturing Engineering, Lawlor said the donation from Renishaw arose following contact made with the company by the School of Manufacturing Engineering.  Making the point that Ireland produces 33 patents per million of population while the USA produces 300 per million, he emphasised that  ?It?s vital for our students? future careers that we maintain close links with industry so that we can give them the most up-to-date skills and knowledge that they will require to change this.  Sir David McMurtry understands that very well, having started in apprenticeship himself at the beginning of his very successful career.  One of our own graduates, Brian O?Grady, is Engineering Manager with Renishaw in Ireland so they already know about the talent we?re nurturing here!?

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