Symposium - Tuesday 17th May, 13.00 hrs

Presented by CREST, Solar Energy Group and the Research Support Unit in DIT Focas Institute

Programme commences at 13.00 hrs - tea, coffee and sandwiches will be available

Session Chair:     Professor Brian Norton, President of DIT

Introduction:        Professor Brian Norton

Plenary Speaker:
Professor Arvind Shah, University of Neuchatel, Switzerland
'Thin-film silicon PV modules: a low-cost alternative for the future'

Professor Werner Blau, Trinity College, Dublin
'Polymer optoelectronic devices incorporating nanostructured electrodes'

Professor Han Vos, Dublin City University
'Solar energy applications of nanocrystalline titanium dioxide surface modified with Ruthenium complexes'

Professor Philip Eames, University of Ulster
'Concentrating Systems for Building Integrated Photovoltaics'

Professor Cleland McVeigh, University of Nottingham
'Time is short'

All are welcome - for more details please contact
Dr. Sarah Gallagher,
Solid State Physics,
Focas Institute,
Dublin Institute of Technology,
Camden Row,
Dublin 8

Tel: +353 1 402 7961, or by email at

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