Crossing - Exhibition of new work by Anita Groener

Anita Groener, artist and Head of Fine Art in DIT's School of Art, Design and Printing, presents new work in her exhibition 'Crossing' which will open in the RHA Gallagher gallery and Rubicon gallery Dublin on January 19 2006.

Crossing comprises paintings, drawings and videos which were developed during the last three years. During this time Anita Groener travelled about 12,000 kilometers by car - between Ireland and the continent, within The Netherlands and within Ireland. These long journeys became a catalyst for her art practice and re-informed her concerns placed within a visual art context.

Crossing is a journey into the process and shapes of the amorphous nature of being, explored through the idea and passage of time. It explores the effect of choices of identity in contemporary society and culture. These concerns are investigated trying to find the most necessary and effective gestures and symbols for communication in the videos, drawings and paintings.  The artist also explores the relationship of drawing and painting using materials such as oilstick, tempera and blackboard paint.

Crossing is also published as a full colour, 96 page, hard bound catalogue by the RHA Gallagher gallery. This publication is supported by the Dublin Institute of Technology through a Research Scholarship Award from the Faculty of Applied Arts.

Anita Groener also received two Creative Practice Awards, in 2005, from the Faculty of Applied Arts assisting her in the development of the studio process and work.

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