NQAI endorses European University Association review of DIT


Dublin, 7th July 2006: The President of Dublin Institute of Technology, Professor Brian Norton, today welcomed the positive response of the National Qualifications Authority of Ireland (NQAI) to the review of DIT's quality assurance procedures. The NQAI and DIT jointly commissioned the European University Association (EUA) to undertake the review. The five-person international review team, which was chaired by the Rector of Denmark's University of Roskilde, Professor Henrik Toft Jensen, conducted the review in 2005. Their report endorses the internal processes in place and the NQAI has accepted both the report and DIT's response in terms of future development. Professor Norton said "It is important for DIT as a doctoral-awarding institution, and also for our students and graduates, that the National Qualifications Authority of Ireland endorses the quality assurance procedures that underpin DIT awards. We would like to thank the members of the international review team and our colleagues in the NQAI for their time and courtesy throughout the process."

The purpose of the Review, which is a requirement of Section 39 of the Qualifications (Education and Training) Act, 1999, is to evaluate the effectiveness of the Institute's internal quality assurance procedures. The EUA review process enables an institution and its stakeholders to benefit from an evaluation carried out by a team of international experts and benchmarked against best practice internationally. Institutional reviews have been carried out by the EUA in 140 universities in 35 countries over the last eleven years, including in Ireland where each of the Universities were evaluated last year. At the NQAI meeting in June 2006, the Authority considered the EUA report and the DIT response, and fully endorsed the findings.

Professor Frank McMahon, Director of Academic Affairs, said the process of evaluation had been extremely positive, involving colleagues and students across every area of DIT, and he was delighted with the outcome. "To have our quality assurance and enhancement procedures endorsed by both the eminent team of EUA reviewers and by the NQAI is most encouraging for everyone in DIT."

The report of the EUA review team and the DIT response to the NQAI are
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