DIT Fine Art Degree Exhibition 2006

Monday June 12 - Monday 19 June

Dublin 02 June:  Thirty Fine Art graduate students will present their work in the Fine Art studios in DIT Portland Row from June 12 - 19.  The exhibition comprises of painting, drawing, video, photography, installation, performance, sculpture and printmaking and is open to the public.

According to Anita Groener, Head of Fine Art, "The subject matters and fields of exploration are many and varied. It ranges between the changing perception of reality, the symbolism of a teapot, the transition from childhood to adulthood, the comedy in mundane acts in everyday life, how to pass time as a daily commuter on the train, the notion of immigration and its effect on the original culture and traditions of the immigrants, the choreography of a dialogue between banal movement and dance, the corset and the crinoline, the archaeology of the traces of every day human activities, stress, plastic surgery, the human body and the fleeting moment of one's reflection in a mirror!"


Emer Roberts, "Monkey Man", Sculpture

Cormac Mac Ateer, "Untitled", Oil on Canvas

Describing the unique nature of DIT's Fine Art degree programme, she said "Our degree programme is defined by its unique interdisciplinary structure and mode of delivery which allows students to develop an interdisciplinary practice as they can consult with a multi-disciplinary staff team when they enter Years 3 and 4 of the programme.  The first two years of the programme are organised into theme-led / skill-based projects, supporting a strong skills-based understanding of the disciplines that make up the practice of fine art. Students focus on how concepts are developed and images are generated in a theme-led approach across disciplines, enabling them to become more confident in the critical understanding of the relationship between studio practice and theory."

Claire McKeown, "Facelift", photography, series of 5, 2006

Some of the artists working with the degree programme include Patrick Graham, Ronan McCrea, Brian Fay, Patricia McKenna, Joe Hanly, Stephen Gunning, Felicity Clear, Patricia Hurl, Linda Quinlan and Anita Groener. 

Clara Conlon

The exhibition is open to the public at DIT Portland Row, Dublin 1 from Tuesday 13 - Monday 19 June 10 am to 5 pm.  Admission is free of charge. 

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