DIT Culinary Arts Sweep the Boards in Belfast

A team of six students from the DIT Faculty of Tourism & Food surpassed all records at the IFEX- Culinary Competition which was held in the Kings Hall, Belfast from 25th to 27th April 2006. This prestigious All-Ireland competition includes culinary teams from Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic. According to Dr. Aodán O Cearbhaill, Head of the School of Culinary Arts, "The DIT team won a total of 23 awards, ranging from Certificates of Merit to Junior Chef of the Year - the greatest success ever recorded in competitions by a culinary team from this Faculty.

Faculty of Tourism & Food DIT - 'Winning Team'

In total the team won Junior Chef of the Year - 4 Gold Medals - 3 Silver Medals 6 Bronze Medals - 6 Class Winners - 3 Certificates of Merits.

Dr. O'Cearbhaill said the results highlight the success that can be achieved through hard work, commitment, training and motivation. "This reflects very well on the culinary skill level of our students. These occasions give great satisfaction to them and also to those who have helped prepare, train and encourage the competitors' success. Special tribute should be paid to their tutors - George Smith and Jim Rock for cookery and Tony Conlon and Michael O'Connor for restaurant service."

Norma Kelly

  • Junior Chef of the Year
  • Silver & Class winner - Open Cook Serve
  • Gold & Class winner - Open Plated Dessert
  • Gold & Class winner - Junior Fish

Dermot McGreal

  • Certificate of Merit - Senior Lamb
  • Certificate of Merit - Senior Venison

Jennifer Lynch

  • Gold & Class winner - Senior Venison

James Sheridan

  • Gold - Restaurant Service
  • Silver & Class winner - Open Cook Serve

Gavin Doyle

  • Silver & Class winner - Open Cook Serve
  • Bronze - Student Culinarian of the Year
  • Bronze - Junior Fish Bronze - Junior Pasta

Maria Conboy

  • Bronze - Open Plated Dessert
  • Bronze - Cold Plated Sweet
  • Bronze - Senior Lamb
  • Certificate of Merit - Ethnic

The students are from the School of Culinary Arts & Food Technology, studying on the B.A. Culinary Arts Programme, with the exception of James Sheridan from the School of Hospitality Management & Tourism studying on the B.A. Hotel & Restaurant Management programme.

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