Irish Marketing Review
Volume 18 Number 1 & 2 2006 CONTENTS


The Island View of Relationship Marketing and Networks
Tomas O?Toole


Tomas O?Toole


Brands, Consumers and Relationships: A Review
Maurice Patterson & Lisa O?Malley

? engages with newly emerging ideas about brand personality, how consumers have relationships with brands, and the growth of brand communities.

Networking in SMEs: Findings from Australia and Ireland
Audrey Gilmore, David Carson, Ken Grant, Aodheen O?Donnell, Richard Laney & Bill Pickett

? examines how networking is used by SME owner-managers and the difficulties in getting other managers and staff within the company to engage in networking.

Involving External Users and Third Parties in the New Product Development Process
Pat Lynch & Thomas O?Toole

? based on evidence from 572 manufacturers, external cooperation in the NPD process remains latent and relatively unused as a mechanism for firms to develop new products.

Organising for Initial Market Relationships: The Role and Shaping Effect of Networks
Andrew Keating & Damien McLoughlin

? emphasises the shaping influence of institutions within a focal network, and the centrality of knowledge, in the initial stages of development of nascent firms.

Building and Sustaining Trust in Networks: Lessons from the Performing Arts
Breda McCarthy

? focuses on the role of the network coordinator in creating an atmosphere of trust in a cultural network and identifies different types of trust ? rational, swift and latent. 

Electronic Customer Relationship Management (eCRM): Opportunities and Challenges in a Digital World
Aileen Kennedy

? eCRM is a proverbial double-edged sword for firms presenting both opportunity and challenge in managing on-line channels, integrating data and designing IT architecture.

A Research Network Researching Networks: Challenges and Implications
Mairead Brady & Louis Brennan

? showcases ?Business as a Conduit for Globalisation?, a network of researchers at the University of Dublin studying networks from different perspectives.

ITAG Ireland: A Symbiotic Networking Relationship or an Opportunity Missed?
Ann M. Torres & Martin A. Whyte  

? explores the dynamic between small and large sized participants in this network and finds little evidence of strategic collaboration on R&D, marketing and export effort.

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