Glenn Murcutt delivers DIT lecture

23 November 2006: World-renowned architect, Glenn Murcutt, was conferred last week as CRH Visiting Professor at the DIT's Dublin School of Architecture. Awarded the Pritzker prize in 2002, and an active practitioner, Professor Murcutt is also held in the highest regard as a teacher and a contributor to architectural education. In his role as Visiting Professor at DIT he will work primarily with final year students in each of the next three years.

Professor Murcutt delivering a public lecture at the RDS Concert Hall

To mark his arrival, DIT invited Professor Murcutt to deliver a public lecture last week at the RDS Concert Hall. Before the lecture, Mr. James Horan, Head of the Dublin School of Architecture, presented Glenn Murcutt for conferral as Visiting Professor. In his oration he described his career, his strongly held beliefs and his success in his native Australia where he lives, and internationally in the many countries where he has worked and taught. Mr. Horan said it was a tremendous honour for DIT students to have the opportunity to work with him and he thanked CRH for funding the Visiting Professorship.

Left to right, Mr. James Horan, Head of Dublin School of Architecture; Professor Brian Norton, President DIT; Professor Glenn Murcutt, CRH Visiting Professor, DIT; and Professor Frank McMahon, Director of Academic Affairs, DIT.

Professor Murcutt was conferred by Professor Brian Norton, President of DIT, who welcomed him to DIT and to Dublin, and invited him to address the packed Concert Hall.

An audience of more than 750 at Professor Murcutt lecture.

Speaking to the topic of 'Process: An Architecture of Response rather than an Architecture of Imposition', Professor Murcutt delivered a one-and-a-half hour tour de force, taking the audience through a number of projects completed and work that is currently evolving. He illustrated his narrative with slides on two screens and his passionate and enthusiastic delivery kept an audience of more than 750 people totally absorbed.

Glenn Murcutt Lecture announcement.

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