Safety at Work - Kids Poster Competition

In November last year the Health and Safety Office co-ordinated a 'Safety at Work' week across DIT's major campus sites in an effort to raise awareness about basic safety precautions in the workplace and advice on staying healthy and active, even during the working day.  The events of the week included a Safety Quiz which was won by Tracy McGowan, with second prize going to Thomas McCrann.  Prizes for the quiz were sponsored by Integrated Risk Solutions and Lifestyle Sports.

Another event during the week attracted lots of interest - the Kids Poster Competition.  Lots of excellent entries were received and the winners were announced at an event for the participants in DIT Pembroke Street.  The winner of the Poster Competition was Shannon Cussen, and her prize was a Superdeluxe Microscope with 62 accessories, sponsored by the Printed Image.  Runner up prizes were presented to Lucy McCormack, Alex Redmond and Laura Redmond.

A special prize was presented to Conor McNamee, a student of Mechnanical Engineering who entered the Kids Poster Competition, amending the poster to include an I-Beam which he deemed necessary for safety in the castle!  Conor's prize was an exercise ball.

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