Science Foundation Ireland Research Frontiers Programme

Researchers in the DIT have recorded unprecedented success in the most recent Science Foundation Ireland Research Frontiers Programme, a highly competitive and prestigious annual award scheme which supports research activities in science and engineering. Four proposals from DIT were funded, originating from the Faculties of Science and Engineering and the Radiation and Environmental Science and Industrial and Engineering Optics research centres.

  • Natural sunlight damage to human skin mitochondria, its early detection, characterisation and progression

James Murphy, Radiation and Environmental Science Centre, Focas InstituteJames Walsh, Biomedical and Environmental Sensing Group, Focas Institute

  • Combined PV and Cellular Antenna Panel for Building Façade IntegrationMax

 Ammann, Electronic & Communications EngineeringBrian Norton, Sarah Gallagher, Solar Energy Group, Focas Institute

  • Purification, Processing and Characterisation of Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes

Hugh J. Byrne, Physics of Molecular Materials Group, Focas Institute

  • Zeolite nanocomposites - a new generation of holographic recording materials

Vincent Toal, Izabela Naydenova, Industrial and Engineering Optics/Focas Institute

The research projects span the activities in the fields of renewable energies, cancer research, nanomaterials and their applications. All four have strong links to postgraduate education, including as they do a total of 6 postgraduate bursaries as well as 2 postdoctoral positions.

The success is an indication of the increased capacity within the DIT for high quality research activities, competitive on a national and international stage.

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