The 5593 Photography Exhibition

The Society's Office of DIT are delighted to announce an exhibition showcasing the talent of fifteen DIT photography students, which will open to the public from Wednesday the 16th of May in the "Back Loft" at La Cathedral Studios, 7/8 Augustine Street. The exhibition will show a diverse and titillating collection from the fifteen emerging photographic artists; displayed using a wide range of presentation styles. In support of these emerging photographers, the 'Gallery of Photography' are involved with this year's exhibition and after the show has opened, they will further curate 5593 into an online exhibition, hosted on

Artists include: Amanda Gourley - Carol Marks - Daniel Graham - Daniel Holfeld - Darran Murray - George McManus - Jane McGarrigle - Jennie O'Rourke - Lee Costello - Lorraine Tierney - Louise Phipps - Niamh Grimes Phillip - Murray - Ruth Medjber - Teresa Varela Martin

All are welcome to come along to the exhibition, starting on the 16th and finishing on the 20th of May.

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