13 March: Chemistry at Work

160 secondary school students from all over Dublin and representatives from many of the major employers of science graduates will be taking part in the Chemistry at Work Day at Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT), Kevin St. on Tuesday 13th March 2007.

About the Event

The event shows how the science and chemistry studied at school is put into use around us every day and demonstrates the wide range of job opportunities in the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors. It is being organised and hosted by the School of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences in DIT on behalf of the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC). The RSC has been sponsoring such events since 1991 at venues throughout the UK and this is the first such event to be held in the Republic of Ireland. Chemistry at Work is intended to show the positive image of chemistry as a rewarding and wealth-creating activity which is central to our way of life. (http://www.rsc.org/Education/chemwork/ )


School pupils will get to take part in demonstrations and see industrialists and other people who use chemistry in their work.  Presentations will include

  • how chemicals are used to solve crimes (Garda Technical Bureau)
  • the importance of chemicals in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals (Bristol Myers-Squibb),
  • Chemicals in cosmetics (Oriflame), adhesives (Henkel) and medical devices (Allergan Medical)
  • the application of chemistry to monitoring our environment (Marine Institute).

Intended Audience

The event is aimed at 14 to 16 year olds and will take place in the Gleeson Hall and the Chemistry labs at DIT Kevin St. Local schools taking part include the Presentation Secondary School, Warrenmount, Dublin 8, Lucan Community College and Dominican College, Griffith Avenue.

Further Information

For further information contact Dr Claire Mc Donnell at the School of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences, DIT, Kevin St.  Tel: 4024571 or Fax: 4024989 Email: claire.mcdonnell@dit.ie

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