DIT graduate creates new TV series for RTE

David Coffey, a DIT Media Arts graduate, has created a new TV programme for RTE that is different - different in style, in humour and in how it's broadcast. "Dan & Becs" has been described as a 'southside Fair City' but it's a lot more than that. Stylishly produced by Accomplice Television, its humour is tongue-in-cheek and its mood is very current. Not only has David Coffey written the script, he also plays the character of Dan to Holly White's Rebecca - the 'Becs' of the title. The series airs in ten-minute episodes on RTÉ 2 on Monday and Tuesday nights at 10.50 pm.

David graduated from DIT in 2003.  As part of his final year project, he was editor of "The Street", a graduate student production which was subsequently broadcast on RTÉ.

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