10 X 10 mins Comedy
TX: Monday, January 8th and Tuesday, January 9th at 10.50 p.m. on RTÉ 2.


Half a year in and Dan and Becs view their eventful relationship in very different terms. While Becs sees their recent spat up in Club 92 as a small glitch in an otherwise blissful six months, Dan suspects the couple are now skating on thin ice?

Dan is an unemployed aspiring filmmaker, an (adopted) only child who lives with his deeply religious parents in Dalkey, South County Dublin. He remains convinced of his creative talents and sex-appeal despite all the evidence to the contrary. Dan is confident (and sometimes cocky) with women and always seeing someone. Rebecca is by far the nicest girl he's ever gone out with. Sadly everyone realises this except for him...

Becs is an aspiring actress/model currently studying fashion. She comes from a wealthy Dalkey family. Dad was high up in a well known bank but took early retirement following a series of financial scandals; and Mum runs a small clothing boutique in Glasthule. Becs is likeable, funny, very talkative and has an unhealthy obsession with relationship guides and self-help books. She senses things aren't going as well as they could with Dan and feels these books might contain the answer.

DAN & BECS is a fresh new comedy that intercuts the video diaries of the two main characters as they discuss their tumultuous relationship, blossoming careers, and the many perils of living life on Dublin's Southside.

DAN & BECS is an ACCOMPLICE TELEVISION production, produced by David Collins for RTÉ television.



Episode One: The Club of Love
After a fight up in Club 92, Dan and Becs recall how they first met, six months earlier, in the same night club under less than ideal circumstances.

Episode Two: All about Becs
Dan begins to have doubts about his relationship with Rebecca and reverts to his tried and tested method of assessing the situation, the 'Pros & Cons' list.

Episode Three: All about Dan
After attending an Enneagram personality assessment course 'Busy Beaver' Becs begins to question her compatibility with 'Lazy Bear' Dan.

Episode Four: Free Gaff
With Dan's parents away for the week in Lourdes, Dan and Becs return from Bondai Beach Club, intent on taking full advantage of the 'free gaff'.

Episode Five: Yentl
Becs is annoyed with Dan when he announces that he doesn't think she's right for the lead role in his new blockbuster film script, 'Undercover Lover'.

Episode Six: Anniversary
Dan gets into Rebecca's bad books when he forgets the one-year anniversary of their first date.

Episode Seven: Mondo
Becs lands a 'seriously high-profile' modeling job while Dan goes for yet another job interview.

Episode Eight: Safe Texts
Dan and Becs each receive flirtatious text messages... but not from each other.

Episode Nine: Break-Up
Dan and Becs recount the horrible events that led to their recent break up.

Episode Ten: Premiere
Dan and Becs have been apart for several months now, and both seem to be moving on with their lives... but can they be happy apart?



David Coffey (25) began his career in television as an editor for The Wrestling Channel. Perfectly content to edit professional wrestling for the rest of his life, David was devastated when the company let him go just a year into his contract.

Like many other Communications graduates before him, David then went on the dole claiming to be developing a number of 'film and television projects'... which really meant sleeping late and watching many, many hours of daytime television.

Despite his busy schedule of sleeping, eating and sitting, David somehow found time to make a pilot for a television show called DAN & BECS which was picked up by Accomplice Television and made into a ten-part series for RTÉ 2.

This is David's first television writing, acting and directing job.


Hailing from Killiney, Co. Dublin, Holly White (23) spent a year at Trinity College studying business, economics and sociology and two years in design before moving to London where she is now a second year journalism student at the London College of Fashion. So far, in London, she has worked for Vogue and Tatler.

Interested in all aspects of the arts, Holly spends most of her free time at the cinema or visiting art galleries.

Holly met Dave Coffey while spending the summer in Canada and, two years later, he asked her to play the part of 'Becs' in a pilot for DAN & BECS.

This is Holly's first television role.

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