DIT Hothouse Programme wins 'Services To Enterprise' Award

Dublin, October 2007:  The Hothouse Programme, the successful business incubation programme run by Dublin Institute of Technology, has been awarded the annual Shell Livewire 'Services to Enterprise Award' in recognition of the significant contribution the programme has made to promoting entrepreneurship.


Pictured at the presentation of the Award are Peter Sheridan, Enterprise Ireland and Andy Pyle, Chairman, Shell Ireland, with Sara Hogan, The Hothouse Programme.

Since 2001 the Hot House Programme, a year long training and incubation programme, has provided 180 knowledge intensive start-ups with the expertise, networks and tools they need to develop and grow highly successful global businesses. Currently a further 32 entrepreneurs are participating in the programme which is based in the entrepreneurial environment of Dublin's Docklands Innovation Park.

The Programme helps guide businesses through the chaotic start-up phase and provides them with the focus and pace necessary to succeed. While the focus of the programme is on the development of successful businesses, participants are eligible to receive a Continuing Professional Development Postgraduate Diploma in New Business Development, conferred by the Dublin Institute of Technology.

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