Chemistry at Work in DIT on March 4th

160 secondary school students and representatives from many of the major employers of science graduates will be taking part in the second Chemistry at Work Day at Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT), Kevin St. on Tuesday 4th March 2008. The event shows how the chemistry and science studied at school is put into use around us every day and demonstrates the wide range of job opportunities available to chemistry graduates. It is being organised and hosted by the School of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences in DIT on behalf of the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC). Presentations will include:

  • Chemical methods to restore serial numbers on firearms and stolen goods (Garda Technical Bureau) and to monitor pollution (Environmental Protection Agency)
  • The importance of chemicals in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals (Topchem Laboratories) and the chemistry of flavour (Diageo Ltd.)
  • Chemicals in cosmetics (Oriflame), coatings (Centre for Research in Engineering Surface Technology, DIT), adhesives (Henkel) and medical devices (Allergan Medical)

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Dr Claire Mc Donnell,

School of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences,

DIT, Kevin St. 

Tel: 4024571 or

Fax: 4024989    


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