Dublin Institute of Technology - Another Way to Study Law

The Law Department of the Dublin Institute of Technology announces Dublin's first public, part-time LLB - Bachelor of Laws honours degree.  The programme, subject to final approval, commences in September 2008.


'The programme is aimed at students who have completed DIT's BA (Ord) in Law, or the previous Diploma in Law,' said Bruce Carolan, Head of the Law Department. 'For several years these students have expressed a desire to progress from an ordinary degree to an honours degree in law.'

Applications will not be limited to graduates of DIT's existing programmes in law.  'We welcome applications from students who already possess at least an Irish Level 7 qualification in law or equivalent academic qualification, such as a US or UK law degree,' Bruce Carolan said.  'Also, graduates of the DIT BA in Management and Law, or BA (Hons) in Business and Legal Studies are welcome to apply.'


Graduates of third-level programmes in which law was a major component (such as UCD's Bachelors of Business and Legal Studies), or of Level 7 law programmes in other Institutes of Technology, are eligible to apply to the DIT LLB Bachelors of Law.  Admission will be on a case-by-case basis considering all relevant qualifications.

The LLB can be completed in one or two years of evening study.  Students, who will have completed 'core' law subjects, will choose advanced, specialised modules such as Human Rights, International Trade, Family Law, Administrative Law and Jurisprudence.  Subjects may vary from year to year, depending on demand.

There are other DIT law programmes available for those who lack an existing Level 7 qualification in law.

'We offer an advanced-entry BA (Ord) in Law to applicants with at least two years of full-time study at third level or equivalent experience,' Mr. Carolan said.  'This programme can be completed in as little as two years and graduates of that programme may progress onto the LLB -- Bachelor of Laws.'

For those who have no previous third-level education or equivalent workplace experience -- or who wish to start more slowly -- DIT offers a number of Continuing Professional Development  (CPD) courses in law. 

'Anyone is welcome to take an individual module from the BA (Ord) in Law as a CPD course,' Mr. Carolan said.  'While this does not lead to a formal academic qualification, it can help someone decide if they wish to pursue law.'  There also are the CPD courses entitled 'Foundations in Law' offered in Civil and Criminal Law. 

'The introduction of the LLB - Bachelors of Law is consistent with our desire to offer a "Ladder of Learning" to non-traditional students,' Mr. Carolan said.  'We are especially thrilled when we help a busy adult student achieve a life-long goal of studying law, particularly if they missed out on such an opportunity earlier in life.'

The deadline for application for the LLB is September 1, 2008, although Mr. Carolan advised applicants for all law programmes to apply as early as possible.  Contact emma.linnane@dit.ie or phone (01) 402 7181 for an application.

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