Dublin 26 May:  The Grangegorman Development Agency hosted a public consultation last Saturday afternoon to which all interested parties were invited to see the current version of the masterplan for the development.    More than ninety people arrived at the offices on the Grangegorman site to hear James Mary O?Connor, the lead architect on the masterplanning team, present the latest iteration of the masterplan.  This version, which is not yet the final plan, has responded to the various suggestions and inputs that were expressed during previous consultations with DIT, the HSE and the community. The plan succeeds in accommodating much of what each of the stakeholders has sought from their various perspectives and the presentation highlighted where different facilities would be located on the site and how they would connect.  The masterplan proposes a number of entry points and walkways throughout the site, which will make it significantly more accessible from all sides of the city.  It also ensures that a significant proportion of the land area will be kept open and green, including the sports amenities, and will be punctuated with small seating areas, play areas and a cultural garden.

The plan was very well received and following the presentation people were invited to join three smaller workshops where they could ask detailed questions of the masterplanning team.  Participants could move from workshop to workshop to hear in detail about plans for access, movement and links; land use, architecture and design; and landscape, open space and community faciltities.

The illustrations shown at the public consultation can be viewed at the following links:

Following this round of consultations a further iteration of the plan will be developed. The next public consultation is likely to take place in September.

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