DIT Promotes a Healthy Start to College Life

Story Health Awareness Week

Dublin Institute of Technology?s Annual Health Awareness Week runs until Friday 17th October. The aim of the week is to encourage healthy lifestyle choices amongst students and staff by offering them the chance to get into a healthy routine, whether that means cycling to college, taking up a new hobby or giving up smoking. RTE boxing analyst Mick Dowling helped launch the event by refereeing a fight between ?good foods? and ?bad foods?.

During the week a comprehensive programme of exciting health and fitness based activities are being held across all DIT campuses including:

  • Bike to College Day
  • Weight Check @ Fit2Go Club
  • Visualise and Realise (General Health Information Stands and Talks)
  • Indoor and Outdoor Fitness Walks
  • ?Mind Ur Head? ? Stress and Relaxation Techniques
  • Take the Smoking Challenge
  • Yoga, Pilates and Meditation Classes
  • Beer Goggles Demonstration and much more???

>> Download the Health Awareness Week timetable

According to Niamh O?Callaghan, Sports Officer in DIT, time pressures can lead both students and staff to develop unhealthy habits.

"Students and staff have a lot of demands on their time, especially at the beginning of a new academic year, so quite often the last thing on their minds is staying healthy and fit. The pressures of juggling time commitments can lead many into a rut of participating in little or no physical activity and making poor dietary choices."

The events planned during the week will support members of the campus community in making healthy lifestyle choices. Hopefully at the end of the week individuals will realise the importance of small changes that they can make on a daily basis to improve their physical and mental well being, ?said O?Callaghan.  

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