Infinity Project Celebratory Evening

A celebratory evening was hosted recently by Dublin Institute of Technology to mark the participation of Community Training Centres (CTCs) in The Infinity Project.


Pictured in the FÁS Community Training Centre in Oliver Bond Street, Dublin at the celebratory evening for students of the 'Infinity Project' IT Training Programme are (l to r) Tanya Conroy and Emma Hopkins

The CTCs which are funded by FAS are the first training centres worldwide to adopt The infinity Project which began in Southern Methodist University Dallas, Texas. The School of Electronic and Communications Engineering, DIT began to teach The Project in 2005 under the guidance of Michael Tully, Project Director.


Pictured in the FAS Community Training Centre in Oliver Bond Street, Dublin at the celebratory evening for students of the 'Infinity Project' IT Training Programme are (l to r) Amy Sarsfield, Professor Brian Norton, President of DIT and Nicole O'Rourke.

The purpose of The Infinity Project is to link maths and science to digital technology which we all use in our daily lives such as: mobile phones, digital cameras, computers, MP3 music players, HD Television etc


Professor Brian Norton, President of DIT with Ms. Assunta Delany, Assistant Director General of FAS and Mr Robert Foucher, Deputy US Ambassador to Ireland

The evening began with a visit to the Liberties Community Training Centre where trainees demonstrated several aspects of the Project. They explained how a communications system using tones, how to send secretly coded messages, to play MIDI music files, to detect movement in a digital image and many more digital concepts.

The main event was held in DIT Kevin Street and was opened by Prof Brian Norton, President DIT.

The Assistant Director General of FAS, Ms. Assunta Delany made a short speech congratulating the learners and instructors for participating in The Infinity Project and for taking up the challenge of learning about cutting edge digital technology.

Mr Robert Foucher, Deputy Ambassador of the United States of America presented learners with engraved pens to celebrate their involvement in The Infinity Project.

Professor Brian Norton Presented instructors with licences to teach a modified version of The Infinity Project in their Community Training Centres. The five Centres taking part in the programme are from the Liberties, Kylemore, Dun Laoghaire, Wexford and Newbridge.

We would like to thank all who participated in the evening in particular Mr Robert Foucher, Ms. Sheila Paskman Public Affairs Officer US Embassy, Ms. Assunta Delaney Assistant Director General FAS, Ms. Fionnuala Anderson, Manager Community Services, Ms Jane Jerry, Executive Director Exploration Station Children's Science Museum, Prof Brian Norton, President DIT, Dr. Mike Murphy, Dean of Engineering DIT for their enthusiastic contribution to the whole event.


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