Information for New Students

If you've accepted a place in DIT for the coming year, then this should be helpful.  These are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions that we are asked by First Year Students.

I've accepted my place in DIT, when will I hear back from DIT?

New students will receive two packs from DIT students.  The first will contain the information you need to register, and will also give details of your First Year Induction, which should take place during the week beginning September 15th.  The second pack is a Welcome pack from DIT Campus Life, and will contain all the information you need to know to make the most of your time in college.  This second pack will include the DIT Student Handbook and Diary and the DIT CD-Rom, which contains a lot of exciting video material and tips from current students about how to make the most of life in DIT.  You should receive both these packs in the first seven days of September.

I'm new to Dublin, where can I find the locations of the different campus sites?

DIT - the city is our campus!  In total DIT has 39 different sites around the city.  However, students are only located in around 15 of these locations.  If you need to find the site where you are based, or if you need to get to one of the other sites, then use this map of DIT locations:

How do I get around the city using Public Transport?

This page will give you helpful information on public transport and getting around the city:

How do I find a place to live in Dublin?

DIT has 1000 high-quality accommodation spaces reserved exclusively for DIT students.  To find out more about these, and find the list of other private accommodation providers, please visit the web-page of the DIT Accommodation service at .  You may also find it useful to visit the DITSU website for tips on finding safe accommodation.  A lot of our students (42%) found their accommodation using the DAFT property website , closely followed (37%) by recommendations from friends and family, and around 9% found their accommodation using the Evening Herald.

How do I join up with Clubs and Societies?

The Clubs and Socs Festival will take place the week after Freshers Week on the major campus locations.  Sports Clubs will be signing up on two days of the week, and Societies will be signing up on another two days of the week. Take the time to go around the stalls and talk to the students who are running the clubs and societies.  If you like what you hear, then join up!

What happens at Induction?

Induction is your first chance to meet the classmates who will play a large part in your life for the next three or four years.  During Induction you will be introduced to the academic staff in your course, and it will also provide an introduction to vital aspects of college life such as the Library and IT systems.  During Induction you will also find out about Campus Life services and the Students Union.  Quite apart from that, you'll get your college i.d. card and you will also be inundated with freebies from marketing companies!  Don't miss it!

If you have any more questions that aren't answered above, then please contact us at

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