Millau Viaduct Lecture by Dr Vincent de Ville, Bureau Greisch

Presented by:
The Institution of Structural Engineers
in Association with
the Department of Civil and Structural Engineering,
Dublin Institute of Technology Bolton St.

Story Millau Viaduct

The Millau viaduct is an exceptional multiple cable-stayed structure, located at 270m above the Tarn River, in Southern France.  It consists of eight spans with an overall length of 2460m.  The total width of the deck is 27.75m.  The height of the piers varies from 78m to 245m, and the pylons are 87m high.

It is the world record-holder for the longest multiple cable-stayed bridge as well as for the highest piers.

This lecture presents the main characteristics of the viaduct and explains the different stages of the building operations, with their requirements and the difficulties encountered due to the height of the bridge above ground level.

The viaduct was completed in 2004 at a cost of €350m.


Story Millau Viaduct Vincent De VilleDr Vincent de Ville is Research and Development Manager and a Director of Bureau Greisch.  He lectures at Liege University, and has received the Louis Baes award from the Belgian Royal Academy of Science,and the AFGC 2004 award from the French Association of Civil Engineering for exceptional work in the scientific and technical field.

6.30 pm Tuesday 14th Oct 2008, Room 259, DIT, Bolton Street, Dublin 1.
(Refreshments at 6.00pm in the College.)


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