Inaugural lecture by Professor Jim McGovern, Faculty of Engineering


The Faculty of Engineering 
invites you to the inaugural lecture

?Some Rather Mechanical Reflections on Symmetry: in Art, Science, Engineering, Mathematics, etc.?


Professor Jim McGovern
Thursday 25 September 2008 ? 6.30pm
The Michael O?Donnell Auditorium
Faculty of Engineering
Dublin Institute of Technology
Bolton Street, Dublin 1


This Inaugural Lecture consists of some of my rather mechanical, being an engineer, reflections on symmetry in diverse areas such as art, science, engineering, mathematics, etc. These reflections are mine (which is surely an oxymoron), but certainly not in the sense that I am their sole owner or want to keep them to myself. In fact I need to bounce them off others. They are yours too if any of them strike a chord with you. I have tried to include enough diversity that this might occur with some reflection or other. I explain what symmetry is to me, giving examples with lots of images and mentioning or at least barely referencing art, science, architecture, engineering, heritage, cosmology, bicycles, flight, invention, ingenuity, history, wallpaper, typography, structures, regular shapes, coordinate systems, spacetime, thermodynamics and suchlike.

About the Author

Jim McGovern is currently the Head of the School of Mechanical and Transport Engineering at the Dublin Institute of Technology. The School has two Departments: Mechanical Engineering and Transport Engineering. The activities of the School include taught degrees in Mechanical Engineering; Automotive Management and Technology; and Transport Operations and Technology. Apprentice training is provided for Light Vehicle Mechanics, Heavy Vehicle Mechanics, Vehicle Body Repairers and Aeronautical Mechanics. The National Institute for Transport and Logistics (NITL) is within the School and this provides research and consultancy as well as postgraduate education in Supply Chain Management. Various part-time or short programmes are also delivered within the School. Programmes are accredited by a range of external bodies, for example Engineers Ireland or the European Aviation Safety Agency. Research is undertaken that supports the teaching and training activities of the School and provides the context for education to Masters, PhD and post-doctoral levels.

Jim McGovern has worked for Adtec Teoranta, University College Galway, Carlow Institute of Technology, Trinity College, Simtherg Limited (which he established) and the Irish Government's Department of Transport. He has also worked, on contract from Simtherg Limited, with SMCI Software of London as a simulation specialist and manager. He has undertaken research and/or published work in the following areas: heat pumps; energy use in buildings; refrigeration systems; positive displacement compressors; advanced power or combined cycles; engineering thermodynamics; exergy (ex ergon, meaning ?from work?) analysis; zero emissions
technologies and concepts; and transportation.

© Jim McGovern, 2008

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