2009 Society Awards Winners

The annual DIT Societies Awards took place in the Burlington Hotel on the 2nd of April. This much anticipated event was well attended by students and staff alike, and we had the pleasure of Mary Davis, Chairperson of The Taskforce of Active Citizenship and CEO of Special Olympics Ireland, as guest speaker on the night. Mary made a great speech about the importance of students getting involved and working together for the better of the general society in the current economic climate.

The Societies Office would like to thank Frank McMahon for his attendance at the event, after a very long day at the office. He made a very relevant and interesting speech. It was much appreciated by staff and students alike.

The night was a celebration for all those ho have been involved in societies throughout the year and who have made a huge contribution to the atmosphere and ?Campus Life ethos? throughout all DIT campuses.

Like most awards ceremonies it was hard singling out any one particular person and any one particular society for an award, this unenviable task was done by the local and overall Social and Cultural Committees.

The winners on the night were as follows:

Best Society ? DIT Kevin Street Games Soc
pictured here with Mary Davis

Story Best Society

  • Best Society Aungier Street - Cumman Gaelach
  • Best Society Kevin Street ? GAMES Soc
  • Best Society Bolton Street ? Freestyle Soccer
  • Best Society Cathal Brugha Street ? Environmental Society
  • Best Society Mount Joy Square ? Design Society
  • Most Improved Society ? The DIT Breakdance Society
  • Best New Society ? BAM Soc
  • Best On-site Event ? DIT Breakdance Skillsmaster3
  • Best Society ? DIT Kevin Street Games Soc
  • Best Poster ? Environment Soc & ASA
  • Best Event ? DIT Fashion Show
  • Best Fresher ? Jess Elms
  • Best Individual ? Liam Stewart
  • Outstanding Contributions
    • Billy Norman
    • Rachel Mahon
    • Declan Doohan
    • Richie Buttle
    • Ian Mullin
    • Trevor Seery
    • Gavin Mooney
    • Aisling Ellis
    • Peter Keegan
    • Niamh Foley
    • Elaine Murphy
    • Graham Dempsey
    • Brian O Connell
    • Jill O Lone
    • Niamh Dillon
    • Kevin Byrne
    • Mark Smith
    • John Barrett
    • Physics Society

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