DIT recycles bicycles for staff and students

Noel Dempsey, T.D., Minister for Transport with Professor Brian Norton
at the launch of the DIT Bike Scheme

29 October 2009

A project in Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT) has taken ?dead bikes?, left abandoned in DIT car parks, and brought them back to life. The once-dead bikes have been completely refurbished and given a new lease of life as Pool Bikes, available for students and staff to use free of charge for travel between DIT campus locations. This highly innovative DIT Pool Bike Scheme was launched on 29th October, 2009 by the Minister for Transport, Mr. Noel Dempsey TD in DIT Aungier Street.  The scheme will be operational from mid-November onwards.

This project has seen eighteen dead bikes restored to pristine condition. It is an initiative of the ?DIT Smarter Travel? campaign, aimed at encouraging students and staff to use sustainable forms of transport to get to college. According to Mr. Brian Gormley, Head of Campus Life in DIT, ?The eighteen dead bikes were in various states of dereliction - often very rusted and missing wheels, saddles and pedals. However, they have been completely refurbished with the help of local bike shops and the community organisation ?Rothar - Bikes for the Community.?

This DIT Pool Bikes project builds on the success of the Dublin Bikes scheme but, as Mr. Gormley points out, may be more accessible for students: "Half of our students don?t have access to a credit card, which of course is necessary in order to use the Dublin Bikes Scheme. The Pool Bikes are in the same spirit though, and we hope will be an accessible alternative.?

It is estimated that the Pool Bike scheme will remove 200 car trips per week from Dublin streets. A travel survey in DIT showed that 5% of the 22,000 staff and students in DIT have to travel between the different campus locations every day and 30% do so at least once a week. This is one of the reasons given for coming to DIT by car. The Pool Bikes will allow people to travel around the city much faster and cheaper than they could by car or taxi.

Brian Gormley, Manager of Campus Life,
Professor Brian Norton, President of DIT,
Noel Dempsey, T.D., Minister for Transport,
Barry Colleary, Dublin Transport Office

Jen Jordan and Seán Campbell of DIT Students' Union

Noel Dempsey, T.D., Minister for Transport,
Professor Brian Norton, President of DIT

Brian Gormley, Manager of Campus Life with Herbie McClelland, DIT Sports Office
and "ghouls and goblins" from DIT Drama Society

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