Engineering in Context

Story Engineering Symposium

What are the modern contexts within which engineering is practiced?  How are engineers viewed within civil society? How should engineering education respond to these contexts? 


Thursday,     2 July 2009, commencing at Noon
Friday,     3 July 2009, 09.00 ? 17.00


Engineers Ireland
22 Clyde Road
Dublin 4, Ireland

The symposium is organised to launch a new book within the field of philosophy of science and technology titled Engineering in Context.  (Engineering in Context, edited by Hyldgaard Christensen, Meganck & Delahousse, 2009, Academica).  The book is the result of an international collaborative project involving 41 academics from across Europe and the United States. 

The aim of the book and the symposium is to provide a better understanding of the contexts in which engineering activities are situated within the larger realm of human activities.  In dealing with context, it easily becomes clear that context is an inherently dialectical concept since contextualizing in itself is equivalent with definitions of what is perceived to be relevant boundary conditions regarding both the education and the practice of engineering.  Contextualizing thus unfolds its inherent dialectics in the terrain between ?is? and ?ought?.  In this way the quest for a re-contextualizing of engineering education and practice put forward in this volume inevitably is a value-laden enterprise. It is concerned both with what engineering ?is? and what it ?ought? to be.  Ultimately a greater awareness and understanding of context should result in better preparation of engineers to render those contexts visible in their work and consequently enable engineers to contribute to more socially robust and responsible endeavors.

Intended Audience for the Symposium

  • Practicing engineers
  • Teachers and researchers within any engineering specialist domain of knowledge.
  • Non-engineering teachers involved in broadening traditional engineering curricula.
  • Researchers within the field of philosophy of science, technology and ethics.
  • Educational policy makers related to engineering.
  • People interested in the philosophy of engineering and technology.

Symposium Start Times

Thursday, 2 July 2009     @ 13.00, with Symposium Dinner at 19.30
Friday, 3 July 2009     @ 09.00 ? 17.00

Further Details

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