DIT Student Action

15 September 2009


www.dit.ie/student action

DIT Student Action is the volunteering hub for students and staff. The hub provides information on how to get involved in the wide-range of volunteering opportunities at home and abroad available at DIT including working with children, students, the elderly, fundraising and lots more!

DIT Student Action includes opportunities from the DIT Societies Office, DIT Community Links, DIT Sports Office, DIT Campus Life, DIT Chaplaincy Service, Bike to Belarus, DIT St Vincent de Paul and DIT Students Union.

The Graduate recruiters are increasingly looking for more from applicants than just a qualification. They want to see a wider range of experience and volunteering is the ideal way to gain additional skills. DIT Student Actions encourages students to volunteer, get involved and give a little back.

For further information please contact:

Teri O Boyle,
Communications and Volunteering Officer,
DIT Societies Office
T: 4024142 or 085 7089700
E: teri.oboyle@dit.ie

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