Upbeat in a Downpour

DIT?s final graduation of the class of 2009

A graduate celebrates at the recent Faculty of Engineering
graduation ceremonies in St. Patrick's Cathedral

23rd November 2009

The rain never stopped, but it never came close to damping the bright mood at DIT?s graduation last Saturday in St. Patrick's Cathedral. The ceremony, which saw over 800 students from DIT?s Faculty of Engineering receive their awards, was the final conferring of 'the class of 2009'.

This ceremony saw a number of students graduate with M.Phil and PhD award. Three students, Michael Brutscheck, Christian Jakob and Ginu Rajan were awarded Doctorates in Electronic and Communications Engineering. Dr. Carolyn Collins received a PhD in Mechanical and Transport Engineering for her work on an in-flight exercise devise to prevent flight related deep vein thrombosis. Dr. Collins has been a trail-blazer in DIT since she joined the first cohort of students to qualify with a degree in Transport Technology back in 1999.

Also honoured were two members of the DIT Faculty of Engineering who were conferred with the title of Honorary Professor. This title recognises academic achievement in DIT, judged by academic peers internally and externally to be of the highest international standard. It was awarded to Professors Eugene Coyle and Gerald Farrell for their work in their respective fields.

The graduation was the last ceremony of the year. Over the last month some 4,000 students graduated from a diverse range of DIT programmes like accounting and architecture, computing and culinary arts, social care and science.

As well as recognising the considerable achievements of all the students involved, the graduations included a number of very significant 'firsts' for the Institute - the conferring of the first cohort of graduates of the BSc Physics with Medical Physics and Bioengineering, the BSc in Event Management, the MA in International Journalism and the ME in Mechanical Engineering.

Speaking at the graduation ceremonies, DIT President, Professor Brian Norton, congratulated all the graduates and reminded people that: "there has never been a more important time to celebrate the achievement of graduates of this Institute. With the economic challenges currently facing the country, graduates like those of you here today will play a crucial role in Ireland?s inevitable economic recovery.?

Pictured from left to right - Professor Gerald Farrell,
Dr. Mike Murphy, Director of the College of Engineering & Built Environment,
Prof. Brian Norton, DIT President and Professor Eugene Coyle.
Prof. Farrell and Prof. Coyle were awarded the title of
Honorary Professor at the ceremony on 22nd November.

Dr Ginu Rajan, who was conferred with the award of PhD,
pictured with DIT President, Prof. Brian Norton

Drs Christian Jakob and Michael Brutscheck,
who were conferred with the award of PhD,
pictured with Dr. Andreas Schwarzbacher,
Head of DIT?s Department of Electronic Engineering

Dr. Carolyn Collins was awarded a PhD from DIT?s Faculty of Engineering.
Carolyn, from Marino, started her studies in DIT back in 1999
when she began her degree in Transport Technology.

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