Mr. KFC, Mr. Fed Ex and Mr. Former JFK Advisor, Frank Maguire, to give talk in DIT


2nd December 2009

Where: Room 4-027, DIT, Aungier Street, Dublin 2

When: Wednesday, 2nd December at 3.30pm

The DIT Business & Marketing (BAM) Society has organised a special talk by International Business Guru Frank Maguire on Wednesday, December 2nd in DIT Aungier Street at 3pm.

Frank Maguire has served as Vice President of Fed Ex, KFC, American Airlines and the American Broadcasting Corporation (ABC). He co-founded the Special Olympics Movement with Eunice Kennedy Shriver and worked with the iconic Colonol Saunders in KFC. He then moved on to co-found Fed Ex, and held the position of VP while bringing it from a small firm with 20 planes and only nine parcels, to one of the best known brands in the world. E

ntitled ?The Brand of You?, Frank Maguire?s talk will centre on his unique "Maguire Method" of management, and on ways of getting yourself noticed in this highly competitive market. In today?s turbulent economy, and highly uncertain job market, students are concerned about their employment prospects (or lack of them) on graduation. Frank Maguire promises to cut through the negativity that implies that opportunity is "Nowhere" and turn that into a belief that opportunity is "Now Here" to be grasped.

DIT?s Business and Marketing (BAM) Society was founded in 2008 to promote integration among students in the Business and Marketing courses in the DIT. Frank Maguire?s visit is one of a series of talks planned for the year. Previous speakers have included Dr. Bill Cullen, Gerald Keane and Patricia Callan.

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