Generating Ideas for Starting a Business - Institute for Minority Entrepreneurship


19th October 2009

20th October , Room 5-034, DIT Aungier Street, 6.30-8.00 pm

Hosted by Dr. Thomas Cooney (DIT Faculty of Business), this workshop will highlight how business ideas can be found through a variety of simple sources and how they can be developed into sustainable and profitable businesses.

One of the great myths of entrepreneurship is that "Entrepreneurs are creative, I am not, therefore I cannot be an entrepreneur". The reality is that entrepreneurs are not particularly creative with less than 4% of new businesses in any given year in Ireland being truly original (as in new to the world). New businesses often involve ideas taken from elsewhere or adapted from existing ideas.

New business ideas can be generated by examining their current workplace, competitors, travel, internet, franchise, patents, licensing, or hobbies. There are many ways for generating business ideas and they are within the capabilities of everyone.

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