Mixed Methods Research Seminar


27th November 2009

The second mixed methods research seminar hosted by the School of Social Sciences and the Centre for Social and Educational Research (CSER) will be held in G6 on Tuesday 01 December 2009 between 2pm - 4pm. Prof. Nigel Fielding, University of Surrey will speak on the topic 'Innovating in data integration with qualitative software'. Please see abstract of the paper below and an eposter with event details attached. A place will automatically be reserved for you by emailing mairead.seymour@dit.ie.

'Innovating in data integration with qualitative software'

The paper will first discuss the purposes of data integration and the place that data integration holds in mixed methods research. It will consider data integration for illustration, for convergent validation, and for developing analytic density. The second part of the paper relates Denzin's standard typology of forms of mixed methods research to the provision of relevant features in qualitative software (or 'CAQDAS' - Computer Assisted Qualitative Data AnalysiS'), and offers substantive examples of classic uses of mixed methods research designs. The third part of the paper looks at three innovative forms of data integration that rely on computational support: the integration of multi-stream visual data in qualitative and mixed methods research; the integration of geo-referencing technologies with qualitative software; and the integration of data from qualitative and quantitative methods.

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