9th ?Chinese Bridge? Competition honours for DIT students


His Excellency, Ambassador Liu Biwei with DIT students Jonathan Messina (2nd prize) and Roxane Viriamu (3rd prize) and their lecturer Ms Jun Ni.

Two students from the School of Languages in DIT came second and third in the Irish preliminary round of the 9th ?Chinese Bridge? Competition ? a Chinese proficiency competition for college students worldwide.  The purpose of the competition is to provide Irish college students with an opportunity to show their proficiency in Chinese, to learn from each other and create a platform to show their enthusiasm and develop their interest in the Chinese language, while enhancing their understanding of Chinese culture.  The theme of the contest was: ?Charming Chinese, Splendid EXPO?.
Jonathan Messina won second prize and Roxane Viriamu won third prize. Both are currently studying the Chinese language as part of their International Business degree programme in DIT. Their lecturer Ms. Jun Ni prepared them for participation in the contest.  Jonathan?s prize is a trip to China as an observer at the final contest of the Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign College Students, while Roxane receives a scholarship to attend the 2010 Modern Chinese Programme at Harbin Industry University in China.


Participants in the 9th Chinese Bridge Competition ? Irish preliminary round, in UCD

The competition, which was organized by the Embassy of the People?s Republic of China in Ireland and the UCD Confucius Institute of Ireland, took place in UCD.

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