Standing ovation for DIT Conservatory Graduates at Carnegie Hall


31st March 2010

How many performers can say they?ve received a standing ovation at Carnegie Hall, New York? On the evening of March 15, four DIT graduates joined that exclusive club. Rising Irish vocal stars and graduates of DIT?s Music programme, Dean Power (tenor), Katy Kelly (soprano), Rachel Kelly (mezzo soprano) and Aoife O'Sullivan (soprano), received their standing ovation from the Carnegie Hall audience for their performance of Moore's Irish Melodies. In addition to the standing ovation, comments like "The singers are magnificent"; "My heart was filled with joy, hearing this wonderful music"; "Gorgeous, ethereal voices" and "A beautiful evening" were heard afterwards from members of the audience. The group of graduates, known collectively as the Thomas Moore Festival Singers, made their debut performance in New York as part of the Thomas Moore Festival. This festival aims to offer international opportunities to the very best young vocal talents from Ireland while simultaneously creating a platform for re-discovering and promoting Moore's extraordinary legacy.

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