DIT researcher wins Best Presentation Award


22nd July 2010

Damian Synnott, a researcher at CREST (Centre for research in Engineering Surface Technology) and School of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences, DIT,  won the best presentation award of the applied chemistry section of the Irish Chemistry colloquium.  Damian?s talk entitled  ?A Novel Microwave Assisted Synthesis of Doped ZnS for the Development of Indoor Light Activated Anti-Bacterial Materials?. The research has been carried out as a part of the FP7-ERANET project ?" aims to develop self-sterilising fabrics and surfaces for use in hospitals to combat bacteria such as MRSANano-vigil- Visible Light Induced Photo-degradation of Organic Matter Using Semiconductor Nanoparticles for Hygiene Applications. The work has been focused on the development of novel materials and synthesis of these materials to create self sterilising environments in hospitals, nursing homes and other healthcare facilities to combat the rising number of cases of healthcare associated infections. 

This year marked the 62nd anniversary of the Irish Universities Chemistry Research Colloquium and was hosted by Queens University Belfast. The colloquium is an annual meeting which young researchers to present their work, as both posters and oral presentations, to the chemistry and chemical engineering community in the island of Ireland.

Damian is a researcher from north County Wicklow who completed his secondary level education is St. Davids Holy Faith School, Greystones, Co. Wicklow before completing his Bachelors Degree (Hons) in Forensic and Environmental Sciences in DIT. He commenced his Ph. D. studies in September 2007 and spent six months during his Ph. D. studying in Rice University, Houston, Texas as part of the FAS Science Challenge Program 08/09.

Damian?s PhD research is supervised by Dr. Suresh Pillai (CREST) and Dr. Michael Seery (School of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences).  

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