New MSc in Data Analytics to meet growing demand


6th July 2010

There is a growing demand across all industry sectors for graduates who are trained to analyse raw data and extract real insight that can help businesses to plan strategically. A new specialist MSc programme in Computing (Data Analytics) has been designed jointly by the DIT Schools of Computing and Mathematical Sciences to meet this need and will start this autumn.

Data Analytics is used for many purposes, such as fraud detection, credit risk modelling, forecasting, developing pricing models - even monitoring personal health ? and it has been highlighted in a range of recent reports as an area of strategic importance nationally and internationally. It was recently identified by Gartner as one of the top ten strategic technologies for 2010. This innovative DIT MSc is the first programme in Ireland that specifically prepares graduates to become advanced data analysts.

According to Dr. Brian MacNamee, DIT School of Computing, "Analytics has grown in importance in recent years due to the ease with which organisations can collect large amounts of data. Now organisations are seeking to harness the power contained in this data and to do this they need specially trained ?hybrid technologists?. This new MSc programme will provide postgraduate students with those skills."

Areas in which opportunities for data analytics practitioners exist include retail, financial services, telecommunications, health,gaming and digital media and government organisations. Graduates will take roles such as analytics consultants, data warehouse managers, business analysts, and master data managers.

For more details on the MSc programme in Computing (Data Analytics) please click here.

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