Twice condemned: Irish views of the Dreyfus affair


7th December 2010

A new book on the infamous Dreyfus Affair in France which was launched recently by Alan Shatter TD has a particular Irish interest. According to author Richard Barrett, ?I have had a fascination for the Dreyfus affair since reading about it in Barbara Tuchman?s classic book ?The Proud Tower? many years ago. At the time, the controversy divided the people of France and outraged public opinion in the western world, but opinions in Ireland ? especially nationalist Ireland ? were different.? The background to the Dreyfus Affair was the unjust conviction of a Jewish officer in the French Army of spying for Germany in the late 1890?s. The refusal of the French government and army to accept his innocence and free him caused an international outcry. This book examines Irish opinions as they were expressed in the press at that time, and looks for reasons why many opinion formers in Ireland chose to see the issue a little differently.

?Twice condemned: Irish views of the Dreyfus affair? is the first book by Richard Barrett to be published, although an article by him on a similar theme was published in Etudes Irlandaises three years ago. Richard is a member of the Library Services staff in Dublin Institute of Technology and the launch, by Deputy Shatter, took place in DIT.

Published by Original Writing Ltd the book is available from at €12

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