Image Expo 2010

DIT students exhibit work in Shanghai

1st October 2010


DIT student Ana Lago: Black chinese trendies eating international pavilions as noodles, candy floss and lollies

A fascinating exhibition of drawings, photomontages, collages and mixed media digital images is being exhibited in the Irish Pavilion at EXPO 2010 in Shanghai from now until 16 October.   The images have been created by visual communication students and lecturers of the School of Art and Design, DIT and the Shanghai School of Visual Art (SIVA) at Fudan University.  Commissioned by Culture Ireland, the brief was, during a one week period in September, to visually record their personal responses to the EXPO world fair experience in Shanghai.  According to DIT lecturer John Short, “The outcomes were entirely open and could be interpreted in any way.  For example, there are images of EXPO pavilions as a visual meal; the birth of the EXPO logo, the imaginary story of the end of EXPO, the evolutionary effects of EXPO, family tensions of a day out at EXPO, the visitations of the eight immortals at EXPO, a giant sketchboard drawing of EXPO, EXPO as a kaleidoscope, and many many more.  It has been a very exciting opportunity for both DIT and SIVA students to be a part of this.”


DIT and SIVA students at work

The exhibition and the experience has been a creative collaborative project between DIT and SIVA, and work by both students and lecturers appear together in the VIP Exhibition Space in the Irish Pavilion.  The two institutions have collaborated over the last two years.  A group of DIT students of visual communication, who had been working on a theme of depicting ‘city types’ in Dublin, went to Shanghai to continue the theme and to work with counterparts in SIVA.  Last year, students from Shanghai paid a return visit and the two groups held a joint exhibition of their work in DIT.  Culture Ireland then invited the DIT students, and their lecturers John Short and Tom Kelly, to return to Shanghai to continue the collaboration and to participate as part of Ireland’s presence at EXPO.


DIT student (Ciaran Murphy): Hiabo (the annoying EXPO logo guy) arrives and ends the EXPO tale by eating all of the pavilions...except China! (which is the only actual one to be kept)


SIVA student: The EXPO pavilions as a formal stylish designer chinese meal to be savoured


SIVA student: The eight Chinese Immortals who make a surprising visit to EXPO


DIT Lecturer (Tom Kelly): Surprising guests appear in photo shoot in EXPO outside chinese pavilion


DIT Lecturer (John Short): 2 metre Giant sketchbook drawing panorama of busy EXPO


DIT Lecturer (John Short): Detail of giant panorama featuring visitor with Rooney shirt and Irish Pavilion and chinese pavilion in background


DIT students working on project

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